We are excited to introduce a new weekly feature: 'Your Voice', where we delve into handpicked topics for your opinion. Each week we'll talk with residents, capturing your insights, opinions, and stories. The series aims to amplify your voice within our community, providing a platform for diverse perspectives and fostering meaningful dialogue. Join us as we explore the issues and ideas that shape our shared experience, one conversation at a time.

This week's topic is: "What would you do to change the country if you were Prime Minister.”

Nick Alexander - Kingsbridge
Nick Alexander - Kingsbridge (Nick Alexander - Kingsbridge )

Nick Alexander from Kingsbridge said: "I would like to see greater equality in the country. I think the property market is always a problem with second homes.

So I think there's got to be serious changes on that to help local people buy houses who can't afford them at the moment, and obviously, to look at the inequality in people's wages and what they earn because I know the Southwest is quite poorly paid really, in relation to others across the country."

Sarah Glover - Kingsbridge
Sarah Glover - Kingsbridge (Sarah Glover - Kingsbridge)

Sarah Glover From Kingsbridge said: "Firstly I would invest additional funding in the NHS of education. Also, the raw sewage that's being discharged into our seas and rivers, I think that's absolutely disgusting. That would be something that I think should be a criminal offence and water companies should be fined, really heavily."

Sue - Brixham
Sue - Brixham (Sue - Brixham)

Sue from Brixham said:" If I was Prime Minister, my priority would be to sort out the NHS.

I would also create more opportunities for young people across the country. I'm from Brixham, and there's not much for young people to do in the area. Another thing I would do is address the homeless problems in the country."

Jason Parker from North Devon said:" I would prioritise the NHS and look to see if we could reduce the numbers of people on waiting lists. I'd make it easier for youngsters to buy houses, especially in rural areas.

Chris Bradford - Torquay
Chris Bradford - Torquay (Chris Bradford - Torquay)

Chris Bradford from Torquay said:" I've got a couple of houses and the government are making it very difficult to to rent your houses out. Now. You can't make any money on it or anything like that. It's like they're forcing you to sell it because there's a housing shortage. So I would look into that. I think if I was Prime Minister that might sound a bit selfish, but I'd look into it."    

Beck's Robinson - Kingsbridge
Bex Robinson - Kingsbridge (Bex Robinson - Kingsbridge )

Bex Robinson from Kingsbridge said: "I would look into Children and teenagers mental health services.

There aren't enough, and children and teenagers are desperately needing lots of mental health support.

All services have been cut, and there are long waiting lists.

I work for the NHS, and I would make sure all the people in the NHS get better pay and better working conditions. I would also look to improve the waiting list times.

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