Over a 100 residents gathered together in a show of solidarity for the Ukraine and it’s people amidst the ongoing invasion from Russia.

Town Crier Roger Pinder opened the Vigil in his ceremonial dress at 5pm this evening (March 5) as crowds gathered near the bandstand in Kingsbridge to show their support for the Ukraine.

Kingsbridge Mayor Mike Jennings made an impassioned speech saying: “It’s a desperately sad occasion that we are here tonight in such circumstances. “But it’s also a strength as we signal our own shared sense of humanity, of what is right and good, and our power to act, to speak and to think as we want. It’s called Freedom. “

“At this very moment the people of the Ukraine are under attack from an evil and hostile force which wishes to take away those freedoms.”

Kingsbridge Vigil
(Tom Ladds )

Cllr Mayor Jennings added: “We come together tonight as one for the Kingsbridge community to be united in our absolute solidarity for the people of the Ukraine.”

The Mayor was joined by Reverend Jackie Taylor with the pair both delivering powerful speeches echoing the thoughts of people around the world who are standing in support of the Ukraine as it continues to fight back against Russian forces.

Reverend Jackie Taylor said: “This morning we didn’t emerge from a bomb shelter, a tube station, a subway or a cellar and tonight we wont make our way through the rubble to somewhere we can find some sense of safety.

“Gathered here now we haven’t come with our suitcases, we’re not carrying rucksacks filled with things, those necessities all those things we can take with us and we’re not clutching a precious pet, as we enter into the unknown.

“Ours wont be the goodbyes the farewells that hundreds and thousands are making to loved ones, to their homes, to their nation.

“Stories that are being written in the personal and corporate history of the nation that we come tonight to stand in solidarity with.

”Holding in our hearts our thoughts and our prayers.”

The community observed a moment of silence and reflection before placing placards, balloons and daffodils on the steps of the bandstand.

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