Nearly half of Devon and Cornwall’s adult population have now had their first Covid-19 vaccine, with South Hams protecting more than 30,000 people.

The statistics, which provide the position as of February 21, show that there have been 404,574 vaccines delivered in Devon, with  391,325 of them being the first dose. Just under 50,000 vaccinations were carried out in the last week.

The figures for Devon, which will have risen in the most recent days, are by far the highest number of vaccinations for any of the regions within the South West  and they show that 39.1 per cent of the adult population had received their first jab. This is up on the 34.2 per cent as of February 14

The statistics show that as of Sunday, of the 78,744 over 80s, 57,979 of those aged 75-79 and 75,449 of those aged 70-74 had received their first dose – 99.1 per cent of the total cohort.

A total of 45,982 of those aged 65-69 had their first dose – 60.9 per cent of the cohort – while 133,171 people aged under 65 – 18.7 per cent of the cohort – has had their first dose.

Of the total population of Devon, 13,429, people, 1.3 per cent, have also had their second dose.

South Hams has seen 30,627 people receive a jab, out of a total population of 87,004, 35.2 per cent of the population.

In Cornwall, 186,546 people have as on Sunday had their first dose, 39.3 per cent of total adult population.

And figures for the first time show the number of vaccines that have been delivered in each local authority, as well as in the MSOA area.

Every single local authority in Devon and Cornwall has seen at least a quarter of its residents receive one dose of the vaccine, even when you include the under 18s who the vaccine is not licenced for use on.

The Isles of Scilly have had the highest percentage of its total population with one dose (39.7 per cent), with East Devon and West Devon both having 39.1 per cent vaccinated.