Dartmouth Youth Club, an organisation that offers exciting opportunities and activities for the youth of Dartmouth free of charge, welcomes any support to ensure it continues running.

Since its establishment in the late summer of 2021, the club has been met with overwhelming interest and approval from both young people in the community and local businesses in Dartmouth.

The club was created when organisers realised that the young people of Dartmouth seemed to be missing out in terms of the activities available to them.

“We decided to get together and see if we could make a difference,” said Liz Moseley, Chair of the club.

Since its creation, the club have been able to offer an abundant of experiences to young people, from monthly events like skateboarding and a roller disco that has drawn in crowds of up to 105, to outdoor games nights, paddle boarding, sailing, silent discos and, most recently, a trip on the Train of lights in December.

Liz said: “our primary role is to provide for the Young People aged 11-18 of Dartmouth… Everything we do is free to our Young People which means we are continuing to remain as inclusive as we possibly can.”

Since moving to Ivy Lane after negotiations with the Town Council in late 2021, the youth group has had a set base, and the club regularly get in excess of 30 Young people turning up, where they can experience music sessions, pool, football, arts and crafts, movies and more. They also have access to a free snack prepared by the team.

Many organisations have rallied around the creation of the club, with support from businesses such as The Wheelhouse, Dartmouth Arms, Morellos, Paddle Shack and Dartmouth Yacht Club to give young people exciting experiences and supply them with meals. They have received financial support from Dartmouth Rotary donations and Dartmouth Town Council, and Dartmouth Caring has assisted in the acquisition of DBS checks.

Volunteers at the youth club have also worked tirelessly in their endeavour to ensure young people in Dartmouth don’t miss out on any experiences.

Liz said: “Many individuals have also given us money and equipment and we are so very grateful.

“Our Group is run entirely by volunteers and everything we do is free to our Young People, so we rely on the support of the community to keep going.”

The club is run entirely on this support, so backing from the community is vital to its survival. Despite having to look for a new base, things are looking positive for the future of the youth club; they are excited about recent projects including supporting Dartmouth Academy in delivering the Duke of Edinburgh Award to its pupils, more youth nights at Fusion and exciting trips planned.

If you would like to support the youth club, or get involved, you can contact [email protected]