South Hams District and Devon County Councils are reminding residents to register to vote before the July 4 General Election.

You have until midnight on Tuesday, June 18, to register to vote or until 5 pm on Wednesday, June 19, to apply for a postal vote.

If you wish to vote by proxy, you will have until 5 pm on Wednesday, June 26, to apply.

You will also have until 5 pm on Wednesday, June 26, to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if you are unable to provide a photo ID when voting.

According to recent statistics, there are just under 8 million people across the UK who aren't registered to vote.

Figures from the Electoral Reform Society show that there are around 10,273 people not registered to vote in South Devon.

Due to changes in the law, you will need to provide one of the 22 valid forms of ID at the polling stations.