To celebrate Volunteers Week 2023, which falls between June 1 and 7, Totnes Caring have been celebrating the couples that choose to volunteer together at their charity.

The charity has seven couples that volunteer for them, including Tim and Cheryl Usher.

Tim and Cheryl joined Totnes Caring in 2019 as drivers and befrienders, late becoming involved in the ‘Time for You’ carer’s project the charity were running at the time.

The pair assisted clients with shopping and helped with the charities’ monthly bazaar.

The couple have now returned to volunteer for Totnes Caring after living away.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “we were delighted when they decided to return to volunteering again with us this year.”

Currently, the couple help at the monthly Pop-up Café in St Johns Church and spend one day a week driving for the charity.

Cheryl said of volunteering for Totnes Caring:  

“I just love to work within a community, and I see Totnes Caring as a community in itself…a community of workers serving a local community. Totnes Caring’s focus is on the people who need the service. Everybody knows the people we

serve, and everyone gets stuck in…that’s what I love”.

Totnes Caring explained that their charity “relies on the kindness and dedication of their volunteers to keep their vital services going and as a charity”, and explained that King Charles’s Big Help Out as a chosen volunteer focus has encouraged a lot more people to volunteer.

They said: “If you are interested in volunteering for Totnes Caring, get in touch on 01803 865684. We would be delighted to hear from you!”