Dartmouth Town Council has shared some useful information about gulls.

Firstly if a baby gull is no longer in its nest but looks alert and healthy, it is likely still being fed by a nearby parent.

Be careful- parent gulls can swoop to try to protect their young if you try to approach them.

Uninjured birds should be left in the care of their parents and you should not attempt to feed them.

If you see an injured gull, contact a local vet or wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Gulls are protected and should not be fed.

If you find a gull dead or visibly sick, do not touch.

Gulls can carry bird flu and they should not be handled.

Bird flu (avian influenza) is a notifiable, infectious disease that affects both wild and kept poultry.

Devastating to birds it spreads very fast and can occasionally spread to humans.

Call DEFRA on 03459 335577 selecting option 7.