Ivybridge Community College Year 13 students recently put together a performance to a brief of ‘Reconciliation’ as part of their Rehearsal Skills and Live Music Performance studies.

The cohort consisting of talented vocalists, planned and rehearsed the entire event in just twelve weeks, resulting in a professional and high-quality live music event. 

The performances included a mixture of solos and band performances, and highlighted a wide range of styles including Rhythm and Blues through Soft Rock to Country and were accompanied on piano by music teacher Mrs Stephenson, bass guitar by Felix Ayson and drums by Chris Ballard. 

Student Megan commented: "I have learned a lot from learning how to construct a set list and deal with obstacles, such as losing my voice.”

Head of Music Katya Padlyevs’Ka praised the performers who participated: “The students have worked extremely hard to put on such an incredible live music performance, showing real craftmanship and musicianship.

Backing musician Chris Ballard
Backing musician Chris Ballard (Ivybridge Community College)