7-year-old local Sam Webb is undertaking a pogo-stick challenge, hopping from his house to his school to raise money for Children in Need. He will be pogo-sticking in Aveton Gifford, travelling the distance of 180 metres three times a week between half term and Christmas, and is asking for donations to support his cause.

BBC Children in Need is a charity that works to make sure every child has the childhood they deserve by funding thousands of grassroots organisations and projects across the UK that help children navigate the challenges in their lives and support them to thrive. The money that Sam raises for the charity will help to ensure these children are safe and happy, and have more opportunity to reach their goals.

Sam has a Just Giving page set up for people to sponsor him for his bouncing challenge. His initial target was to raise £250, but he has already succeeded this, and now hopes to raise as much as possible to support Children in Need.

His mum, Kate, said: “Sam has been practising this week and has pogo-sticked to school twice this week. He thanks everyone very very much for their donations and is thrilled to have hit his target. “

Sam says of making his donation: “I hope this money will go to a charity that needs it the most. I hope this money will help children in need of help.”