THE protest on Dartmoor was an ‘historic turning point’ in the conversation about land rights in England, say two of the main groups involved.

In a joint statement today, Sunday, The Stars are for Everyone and Right to Roam organisations said: ‘Over 3,000 people took to Dartmoor (yesterday) to oppose the snatching away of our rights in the largest protest of its sort in a generation. It was abundantly clear that people reject the current deal that allows permissive access in return for cash.’

Annie Dare, speaking for The Stars are for Everyone, said: ‘The Dartmoor camping case has galvanised a new right to roam movement for the 21st Century.

‘The mobilisation of thousands of people who were willing to walk collectively onto the open moor is testament to strength of feeling.

‘And this is not just about Dartmoor, it is about common right to open space everywhere across England.

‘A new movement that stands against greed and self-interest; and looks instead to the possibility of greater and more inclusive access to the outdoors.’

Lewis Winks, speaking for Right to Roam, said: ‘We have been privileged to have been joined in this campaign by a broad base of access organisations, local groups and individuals, who wish to protect for future generations opportunities to experience and enjoy the natural world.

‘As we reflect on this moment, we are looking ahead - lasting change will come from cementing in law our basic rights of access to our land, and we will not stop.’

Right to Roam and The Stars are for Everyone are asking people to urgently contact the MPs and ask for a new Right to Roam Act. They are also planning future actions.'