Pride is returning to Dartmouth for its third year on July 2, and this time the event will include a Pride parade.

Jonathan Gilland, organiser of the event, explained that this year the event has been adapted to include a morning Pride walk, a social at the Jenny Koo’s kitchen, and finally an afterparty at The Dolphin.

He wanted the event to be more inclusive, so more people can get involved and have options over which parts of the day they take part in.

He said they are including a “couple of different things so people can do what they want”, whether they want to take part in the walk, or the social events.

The event will start at 12pm with a pride walk from Coronation Park to Dartmouth Castle.

Jonathan hopes the pride event will “bring the community together” and explained that it is “all about connecting”.

The event has taken place for the previous two years, with the first event occuring as we came out of lockdown in 2021, but this is the first time they are including a Pride parade.

After the walk, the group will head back to Jenny Koo’s kitchen at 2pm for a Pride social and then to The Dolphin at 7pm, where there will be a DJ.

In their first year, they hosted the event at Bar 1620, and then at the Sail Loft the following year. He said the business owners “have always been excited” at the prospect of hosting.

Jonathan explained that the Dartmouth event is a “community-based” pride, and they’re not trying to create a huge event.

He said “we’re not a London, were not a new york, were not even a Bristol”, but instead Dartmouth Pride is based around “trying to listen to people... its about community and what we can do together.

“We’re not gonna have a huge trade or thousands of people, but (it will be a success) if we can connect amongst ourselves”.

He added: “Its just about connecting and listening”.

He hopes the event will make people feel safe and welcome in Dartmouth:

“There are a couple of kids in town that have recently come out to their families….. we wanted to show that Dartmouth is a really lovely and kind place. There’s a supportive and lovely community here to help each other.”

He added: “We just wanted to be there for new couples, and LGBTQIA+ businesses... Its not just the people that are out and gay… Its more for those in our community who need a bit of an extra hand or need that visibility.

“We are a Pride for all, committed to serving the diverse needs of our Dartmouth community.

“Whether you identify as part of our LGBTQIA+ community or stand as an ally supporting us, we eagerly look forward to seeing and welcoming you at one of our upcoming events.”