Residents in South Hams can now find out who they can vote for on May 4 in the local elections, as the full list of the candidates has been revealed.  

All 31 seats on the council are up for election. The Conservatives currently hold a majority with 16 seats and Liberal Democrats are the main opposition with 10. 

The Greens have two councillors and independents have two seats. 

There are 20 wards in total with up to three councillors in each.

The Conservatives are putting up 30 candidates and is the only party standing in every ward.

Liberal Democrats are fielding 27 candidates, the Greens have 14, Labour have seven, there are two Independents and one Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate.    

The Lib Dems hope to increase their numbers in the council house with pledges on housing, environment and planning.  The Greens also have policies on housing and the environment with emphasis on tackling climate change and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. 

Labour is seeking to secure councillors on an authority traditionally dominated by Tories and Lib Dems.  The Conservatives will fight on a platform of keeping council tax rises to a minimum and increased investment in the region, including through the Plymouth and South Devon Freeport.

The candidates standing are as follows. The number in the first bracket indicates how many councillors will be elected in that ward. 

Allington and Strete Ward (1)

Richard John Foss (Con), Laurel Lawford (Lib Dem), Joseph William Waters (Green)

Bickleigh and Cornwood Ward (1)

Christopher Michael Oram (Lib Dem), Barrie Michael Spencer (Con)

Blackawton and Stoke Fleming Ward (1)

Simon Rake (Lib Dem), Helen Emily May Reeve (Con)

Charterlands Ward (1)

Alan John Kirk (Lib Dem), Bernard James Taylor (Con)

Dartington and Staverton Ward (1)

Jacqi Hodgson (Green), Jeremy Philip Luck (Con), Catherine Madeleine Pannell (Lib Dem)

Dartmouth and East Dart Ward (3)

Hilary Douglas Bastone (Con), Ben Cooper (Lab), Jonathan Denis Hawkins (Con), Rosemary Rowe (Con), Kim Sturgess, Ged Yardy (Lib Dem)

Ermington and Ugborough Ward (1)

Alison Dewynter (Lib Dem), Richard William Hocking (Con), Meirion Jones (Green)

Ivybridge East Ward (2)

Victor James Abbott (Lib Dem), Richard Michael Hoyland (Green), Alice Hilary Jones (Green), Helen Margaret Louise Millman (Con), Karen Ann Pringle (Con), Matt Steele (Lib Dem), David Trigger (Lab)

Ivybridge West Ward (2)

Lance Peter Austen (Conservative and Unionist Party), Nadine Dommett (Lib Dem), Nick Hart-Williams (Green), Alastair William Henderson (Green), Pablo Munoz (Lib Dem), Stanley Murphy (Conservative and Unionist Party), Tony Rea (Trade Unionist and Socialist Candidate)

Kingsbridge Ward (2)

Helen Ruth Baker (Con), Thomas Greaves (Con), Susie Jackson (Lib Dem), Denise O’Callaghan (Lib Dem)

Loddiswell and Aveton Gifford Ward (1)

Lee Bonham (Lib Dem), Paul Francis Furlong (Lab), Paul William Holmes (Con)

Marldon and Littlehempston Ward (1)

David John Bradbury (Green), Samantha Penfold (Con), Keith Anthony Smith (Lib Dem)

Newton and Yealmpton Ward (2)

Tony Carson (Con), Tom Edie (Lib Dem), Peter Gold (Lab), Dan Thomas (Lib Dem)

Salcombe and Thurlestone Ward (2)

Samantha Dennis (Con), Jim Heaven (Con), Alan Christopher Kerr (Lib Dem), Mark Long (Ind), Nikki Turton (Ind), Lewis John Worrall (Green)

South Brent Ward (2)

Lister Bass (Con), David Christopher Hancock (Lib Dem), Steve Nayar (Green), Guy Alexander Pannell (Lib Dem), Peter Smerdon (Con)

Stokenham Ward (1)

Julian Brazil (Lib Dem), Lucy Caroline Fleming (Green), Joshua John Alexander Gardner (Con),

Totnes Ward (3)

Georgina Mary Allen (Green), John Malcolm Anderson (Lib Dem), John Percy Birch (Lib Dem), Becca Collings (Heritage Party), John Stewart Cummings (Green), Jill Hannam (Lab), Jason Liosatos (Heritage Party), John Anthony Lloyd (Lib Dem), Richard Charles O’Connell (Con), Helena Isabel Penfold (Con), Anna Presswell (Green), Jamie Rogers (Con), Jo Sweett

Wembury and Brixton Ward (2)

Brian Samuel Blake (Lib Dem), Julie Carson (Con), Alison Nix (Con), Steve Oliver (Lab), Ed Parsons (Lab)

West Dart Ward (1)

Stuart Greaves (Con), John Peter McKay (Lib Dem)

Woolwell Ward (1)

Nicky Hopwood (Con), Claire Susanne Hutson (Lib Dem)