Anthony Mangnall - Conservative

The incumbent and standing again for the Conservatives is Anthony Mangnall who is hoping for a second term having been elected at the end of the 2019 Boris Johnson ‘Get Brexit Done!” campaign.

The son of Colonel Nicholas Mangnall OBE and Carola nee Sayers he was brought up in Zimbabwe and Northern Ireland. He was educated at Shrewsbury School and the University of Exeter before becoming a parliamentary researcher for William Hague.

Mangnall then worked as a shipbroker in London and Singapore before becoming a Special Adviser on foreign affairs for Lord Hague.

In May 2023 he married Harriet Cherry.

Caroline Voaden
Caroline Voaden (Caroline Voaden)

Caroline Voaden - Liberal Democrat

Caroline Voaden was previously a Member of the European Parliament where she led the Lib Dem party between 2019 and Brexit in 2020.

Previously, she was an international journalist working for Reuters covering six countries and become their youngest female bureau chief.

Voaden went on to found her own business, and was Chief Executive of Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Service. She was also chair of the WAY Foundation charity and a founder of the JustGiving team.

She lives in Devon with her husband, two daughters and step-son following her being widowed at 34.

Daniel Steel
Daniel Steel (Daniel Steel)

Daniel Steel - Labour

Plymouth -born Daniel Steel is a Labour councillor on Plymouth City Council and served in the Royal Naval Reserve.

Steel was a Civil Servant working at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

He represented the UK in Afghanistan, Egypt, the United Nations and many other places.

His partner is a Totnes-based social worker and father is ex-Royal Navy and trained at Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and last year Steel completed a course at BRNC when serving in the Royal Naval Reserve.

Steel stood as the Labour candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner election earlier this year.

Michael Bagley
Michael Bagley (Michael Bagley)

Michael Bagley - Reform UK

Michael Bagley was born in Islington and grew up in Surrey, graduating from Reading and Keele and then becoming a teacher of politics, English and maths working around the UK as well as in Georgia in the USA.

He ran two businesses producing educational software.

He wrote and published two political thrillers called The Plutonium Factor and Mohembo Crossing.

In his youth he was a Labour supporter but later embraced Brexit and with it joined first UKIP and later Reform UK.

Bagley says he resisted political activism but thinks Britain is broken.

Robert Bagnall
Robert Bagnall (Robert Bagnall)

Robert Bagnall - Green Party

Robert Bagnall is the son of a WWII veteran trade union shop steward and a Finnish nursing auxiliary.

Educated in Bristol and London, he joined the Department of the Environment before working across the wider public sector, including higher education and health regulation, as well as animal and conservation charities.

He and his wife Pamela self-built their own environmentally friendly house and has written a number of books and stories.

Bagley’s political journey began in the Labour Party in his youth before campaigning for the Liberal Democrats then joining the Greens.

Becca Collings
Becca Collings (Becca Collings)

Becca Collings - Heritage Party

The Heritage Party is a Eurosceptic, right-wing populist, and socially conservative fringe political party founded in October 2020 when then-London Assembly Member David Kurten left the UK Independence Party (UKIP) to form the party.

It says the Heritage Party exists to return to the principles of social conservatism, to reverse the “destruction wreaked by politically correct ideologies” and to return to our true traditions and heritage. In embracing these principles, it says it believes the United Kingdom can once again become a great and prosperous nation. We have requested information about Ms Collings but none has been supplied.