Sir Gary Streeter MP has launched a campaign to get CrossCountry trains to stop at Ivybridge station.

If successful it would nearly double the number of trains stopping at Ivybridge going north and south.

At best there are currently two services an hour and at worst, every two hours, coming and going from Ivybridge. CrossCountry Trains currently operate 15 trains per day towards Cornwall and 14 trains per day towards Exeter, yet none of these stop at Ivybridge.

For a growing town like Ivybridge, where so many residents work in Plymouth or further up into Devon, it could be argued that this level of train service is inadequate. 

Sir Gary Streeter MP and Rebecca Smith, the Conservative candidate for South West Devon at the next election, are calling for CrossCountry Trains to add a stop at Ivybridge to their timetable.

This simple change would mean as many as 29 trains heading towards Exeter and 32 trains towards Plymouth could depart from Ivybridge every week day and enable those who live, study or work in Ivybridge to have the confidence to ditch their car for their commute and leisure journeys.

The Ivybridge Rail Users Group steering committee has been fighting for this change for a number of years and asked Sir Gary to pick up the fight. He has recently written to the CEO of CrossCountry Trains asking for their intervention and for their services to stop at this important local station.

Speaking about this campaign, Sir Gary Streeter MP said:

“Ever since the existing station was opened in 1994, the train services from the station have not lived up to expectations. Travelling down the A38 you will see signs to the Ivybridge Rail Park and Ride, but the infrequency of services means this vision has never been a reality.

“It is time for Ivybridge Station to offer the service the growing community here needs and deserves and that is why I have written to CrossCountry Trains calling on them to introduce a stop at this station.”

Rebecca Smith, the Conservative candidate for South West Devon, said:

“Working alongside Sir Gary over the past months and years, I have heard from members of the community who want to use the railway line from Ivybridge Station but are severely limited by a train timetable that looks more like a rural bus service than a modern railway service.

“As we work together to tackle climate change and move towards net zero, a frequent train service is crucial to these efforts. We cannot expect the community to make the switch to using the train with the existing timetable. Whilst I hope we might get a swift and positive response from CrossCountry Trains, I am committed to continuing the flight for better train services from Ivybridge in the future if required.”