Kingsbridge could become the site for a new mountain bike park and pump track.

The Kingsbridge Skatepark association last week uploaded a message on Facebook announcing that it would approach the local council’s property and recreation committee to build the facilities.

The initiative follows the March opening of a new skatepark in the town.

The £250,000 skatepark came about as a result of a mix of private and public capital as well as a crowdfunding initiative.

In the latest initiative, the plans are to build both a pump track - a purpose-built track for cyclists where they can practice their skills - and a mountain bike freeride park, which involves the construction of a narrow course with steep drops.

In a statement, the association said the skatepark’s “overwhelming success” demonstrated the need for free-to-use facilities in the area, pointing out that there is “no safe space for the young to learn the necessary cycling skills and develop them”.

The meeting with the local council was due to take place on Tuesday as the paper went to press.

Meanwhile, the association is encouraging people to give their views on its Facebook page ahead of a proposed public consultation.

Taking a sample viewing, the comments have been overwhelmingly in favour of the project.

Kerry Carpenter said “this is another great thing for the community”, while Ellie Anna said it would be a “fantastic addition to the recent highly successful skate park”.

Most queries were about the track and park’s possible location. The association said the matter would be discussed at the Tuesday meeting but added that “there is not a lot of available council land”.

The association said the installations would create far less noise than a skatepark, as mountain bikes have softer pneumatic tyres.

“The beauty of a pump track is that you can fit the park into any shape of space. A free ride park is slightly more complicated but feel we have a couple options for that, too,” the statement added.

It is not yet clear who would fund the scheme or whether Wheelscape, the design and construction firm responsible for the skatepark, would be involved in the new project.