Gables Dogs and Cats Home are putting out an urgent appeal after taking in four kittens ‘left for dead’ in a field.

The tiny 8-day-old kittens were discovered frightened, severely dehydrated, covered in fly eggs and abandoned in a field in the middle of a heatwave.

The Charity said that residents were horrified to discover the owners had chucked them out and driven off with the kitten’s traumatised mother.

According to Gables the kittens were difficult to locate at first and they nearly gave up hope of finding them until a local dog owner came to help with his exceptionally well-trained Sprockets, who located the kittens after only a few minutes of searching.

Although Gables rushed to collect the little kittens and gave them lifesaving care, they were very concerned that they would not survive as they were so dehydrated, floppy, covered in fly eggs and fleas and struggling to breathe in the heat. They were taken to the vet for emergency fluids and the first 24 hours were touch and go.

Deputy Manager, Ruth Rickard said: “As soon as we heard about these four little kittens we knew we had to help them. Our General Manager, Claire Sparkes, is very experienced in hand rearing kittens. She immediately syringe fed them and started removing all the fly eggs to ensure they didn’t get fly strike.

“Flystrike is a painful condition caused by flies laying their eggs on vulnerable animals.

“These hatch into maggots, which eat the flesh of their ‘hosts’. We are so grateful to the people and wonderful dogs who made such an effort to find these vulnerable kittens. If these kittens had not been found they would have died a very horrible and painful death.

“They still have a long road ahead of them but now that they are in the experienced hands of Claire we know they have the best chance of surviving this horrendous and cruel ordeal”

It is estimated it will cost Gables an additional £800 for the specialist care these tiny kittens need to help them survive and find new loving homes.

Gables Dogs & Cats Home does not receive any government funding and has felt the financial strain from the Coronavirus pandemic, but they are determined to help these poor Heatwave Kittens. If you can help to ease Gable’s financial burden by contributing to ‘Heatwave Kittens’s Vet Appeal’, please call 01752 331602 or cheques can be posted to Gables Dogs and Cats Home, 204 Merafield Road, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, PL7 1UQ. Alternatively you can visit or to donate online.

You can also donate via text:

  • To donate £1, text GABLEHK to 70201
  • To donate £3, text GABLEHK to 70331
  • To donate £5, text GABLEHK to 70970
  • To donate £10, text GABLEHK to 70191