The Government has set out its priorities in this week’s King’s Speech. 

At the state opening of Parliament King Charles III set out the laws that his government intend to deliver over the next parliamentary session. 

Legislation will focus on four key areas, protecting the UK’s energy security, strengthening society by protecting the health of young people, keeping people safe by making sure the police have the powers they need and promoting the UK’s interests by backing its Armed Forces.

Anthony Mangnall MP said: “If we are going to improve people’s lives for the better across Totnes and South Devon, we have to deliver long-term solutions to the problems families and business face. 

“This King’s Speech proved the Prime Minister will continue to break the old model of doing politics and deliver the long-term decisions needed for a brighter future.” “I look forward to working with colleagues to shape this legislation for the betterment of people, innovation and capital within the UK.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Today marked the first King’s Speech in over seventy years, bringing forward our plan to build a better future for the next seventy.

 “Just as I have done with energy security, net zero, illegal migration and HS2, the King’s Speech takes the long-term decisions to address the challenges this country faces, not the easy way out with short-term gimmicks.  

 “As we take the necessary steps to halve inflation and reduce debt, we will legislate to grow the economy, by supporting innovative businesses and protecting consumers.

 “To make the real change this country needs, we will bring forward bills that strengthen our society, help people feel safer in their own communities and give a sense of pride in the place they call home.”