Devon Air Ambulance have thanked the First Ivy Rainbows for their hard work fundraising for the charity.

The rainbows have been hard at work creating their own donation pots to collect funds for the charity, which provides emergency medical services in Devon.

A spokesperson for Devon Air Ambulance said: “A great big thank you to the First Ivy Rainbows in Ivybridge, for their year of brilliant fundraising for Devon Air Ambulance. These lovely young ladies have been fundraising for us since September 2022, even very cleverly making their own money tins to collect their donations in! Thank you all so much for all of your hard work collecting a grand total of £151.39.”

Jackie Close, Unit Leader for the rainbows said: “The Rainbows have been fundraising for the Devon Air Ambulance by earning money for their ‘Promise Pots’. We made these as part of our arts and crafts session and our Take Action theme for the term, which encourages the girls to help their community. Over the Autumn term the girls asked parents and family members to reward them with a ‘silver coin’ if they did something particularly kind or helpful. This is part of the Rainbows Promise ‘To be Kind and Helpful’. Other fundraising involved Rainbows and their families donating any unwanted clothes for our Bags 2 School collection.

“At the start of our fundraising a representative visited one of our sessions to tell us all about the work that DAA do. We listened to some stories about what the ambulance does, saw some pictures and played some games which the young girls enjoyed. A local volunteer came to one of sessions to show the Rainbows some basic first aid and mentioned DAA to us and we were happy to support such a worthwhile cause."