Students at Ivybridge Community College have been busy immersing themselves in an abundance of cultures during their CultureFest day, a festival that teaches students about different world cultures and their histories.

The festival, which took place last week, was the first of its kind, and saw students from Years 7 to 10 participating in a variety of lectures and practical workshops to broaden their knowledge of the plethora of cultures that exist in the world around us.

The day was led by youth intervention worker Kadus Smith and gave students, all of whom had volunteered to take part in the activities, an opportunity to learn about the lived experiences of people around the world.

During the CultureFest day, students took part in workshops covering a variety of topics including equality and diversity, the history of the slave trade as well as the influence that different international cultures have on current political and social current affairs.

A spokesperson for the school said: “A very popular part of the day was the lunchtime food event which introduced all students to cuisines from a range of different ethnic cultures. The hall was also set up with informative exhibits detailing the positive contribution that culture has made to the world.”

The school hoped that the day would promote accountability and educate, inspire and celebrate a wide variety of international cultures.