The Flavel is the venue for a free event on how to research the history of your house illustrated by using four very different local homes. It’s happening on Saturday, November 18, between 1.30pm and 4.30pm.

Four researchers from Dartmouth History Research Group, have each taken a Dartmouth property from a different era and traced past owners, stories and events. Called “A History of Dartmouth in Four Houses”, the result promises to be a fascinating glimpse into the past.

People have joined the group from many different backgrounds. Some have lived in Dartmouth for a long time, some have only recently moved to the area. This brings together many valuable perspectives.

The group can draw on a wealth of stories and local knowledge as well as experience gained from people’s lives and careers elsewhere.

“In our event we’ll be talking about 500 years of Dartmouth’s rich history and providing ideas about how to go about researching the history of a house.”

Chairman Gail Ham said: “There is something for everyone here, with lots of interesting stories about Dartmouth’s past.

“House history is not just for people living in stately homes and the houses we’ve chosen, on The Quay, South Ford Road, Coombe Terrace and Crossparks, show that even quite ordinary properties can have a fascinating history that is worth uncovering.

“We plan to help people identify where to find local resources for house history and how to discover the stories of the people who lived in the houses they research.”