More than a third of the adult population of Devon have now had their first Covid-19 vaccine, latest NHS England figures show.

The statistics, which provide the position as of February 14, show that there have been  355,271 vaccines delivered in Devon, with  342,397 of them being the first dose. More than 70,000 vaccinations were carried out in the last week.

The figures for Devon, which will have risen in the most recent days, are by far the highest number of vaccinations for any of the regions within the South West  and they show that 34.2 per cent of the population had received their first jab. This is up on the 27.1 per cent as of February 7

The statistics show that as of Sunday, of the 79,525 estimated population of over 80s within Devon, 78,039 had received their first vaccine – a total of 98.1 per cent, with 10,912 – 13.7 per cent – having also had the second dose, with Devon’s population of over 80s is significantly higher than every other region – more than double in some instances

Of those aged 75-79, 57,413 people have received the first dose of the vaccine – an estimated 104.3 per cent of the cohort, suggesting that the ONS 2019 estimates they are based on are out of date, while 73,108 of those aged 70-74, an estimated 92 per cent of the cohort – had as of Sunday had at least one dose.

And 133,837 under 70s, both those employed in health and social care settings, and some in the next cohorts from the priority list, had received the first dose of the vaccination as of Sunday – 17 per cent of the total under 70s.

Of the total population of Devon, 12,874, people, 1.2 per cent have also had their second dose.

Of the 283 older peoples care homes in Devon, eight are still outstanding now for a vaccination visit, Cllr Roger Croad, cabinet member for public health, told Thursday’s Devon County Council full council meeting.

He added: “This is due to the care homes having significant outbreaks prohibiting vaccinations. The situation within each of these care homes are being closely monitored and bookings for vaccinations will take place as soon as appropriate to do so. 88 per cent of residents and 78 per cent of staff have been vaccinated.”

Cllr Croad in his report also said that all of the top four priorities groups had been offered a vaccine, and that he would make enquiries as to when data at a local authority, rather than just county-wide level, would be made available.

There are now five methods by which the vaccine is being rolled out across Devon.

All four of the county’s main hospitals – in Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay and Barnstaple – are giving the vaccination to priority groups in line with national guidance, while GP practices are working together in groups to set up local vaccination centres, and across the county, 20 centres are now in operation, serving all of Devon practices.

GP-led facilities are delivering the vaccine to residents and staff in care homes, while pharmacies have started to deliver the vaccine, and the mass vaccination sites at Home Park in Plymouth, and Westpoint Arena just outside Exeter became operational with thousands of vaccines a day to be delivered.

Cornwall has seen 163,549 vaccine first doses given, a total of 34.4 per cent of its adult population.