Harbour House in Kingsbridge is launching an innovative new creative programme with Bronwen Buckeridge’s latest work, called ‘FOUR ON THE FLOOR | SIX IN THE AIR’, as part of their ongoing work to connect the community.

The programme, made up of six 45 minute episodes, is taking place on Saturday July 29th, and will combine descriptions of bird movement with physical, live art that will then be exhibited at Harbour House.

A spokesperson for the event described it as “a live durational performance that creates an exhibition out of the artefacts and trace elements it leaves behind.”

They explained: “In each episode a birder is stationed in a different locale around Kingsbridge and dials in a live report on the movement of the birds around them. Back at the gallery the artist decodes this commentary into a series of instructions and stitches for crochet, which a record keeper archives onto a chalkboard spanning the width of the gallery. This unfolding pattern is then fashioned with hooks and yarn by a team of crocheters working with the artist in real-time.”

The performance will combine a multitude of elements to create this artwork:

“Together the birders, crocheters and the artist form their own fragile working machine. Human-operated and supported by technology, the machine is primarily avian, controlled and directed by birds. Its pace, shape and particular rhythm are in service to the will and evolving patterns of water, woodland and garden birds moving around the town.”

The exhibition will then open on Thursday August 3rd, running until Saturday September 2nd.

After the performance Buckeridge will create a film from the live broadcast footage, which will form part of the ongoing exhibition alongside the artefacts and traces of the live work: the crochet and the coded instructions on the chalkboard.

The event is part of Harbour House’s plans to create community connections in Kingsbridge, which is something they have been doing in collaboration with Kingsbridge Community College and Sixth Form this year. As part of their enrichment, students have been taking part in a community project that explores…

Buckeridge’s project builds on this initiative, connecting the community in a different, innovative way: “(The event) is also a portrait of the town that hosts it, with members of the local community – in this case birders and crocheters – adopting roles that support its production. The traces of its human protagonists as well as their avian counterparts can be found in its workings and final expression.

“The exhibition marks the beginning of a new programme at Harbour House, which places community engagement at its heart. The new vision for the Harbour House is shaped by our ongoing work with the Young Curators of Kingsbridge Community College, who highlighted the need for art to bring together different groups and generations within the community as well as a programme strand exploring our natural surroundings, climate change and our non-human neighbours.”

These two projects will be bridged by a community workshop that Buckeridge will be delivering to the KCC Young Curators on Sunday July 30th.

“During the workshop Bronwen will introduce simple listening devices to tune into the beauty of the woodland. Time will be spent foraging for different sounds and finding playful ways of visually recording and making them memorable. The group will then use instruments made from natural materials to compose and play back a DIY finale to the birds, the wind and the surrounding trees. The workshop is open to all ages (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult).”