Firefighters from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are asking people to add battery-powered tealights to their shopping lists this year, as they head out in search of the perfect pumpkin.

The simple step, an alternative to traditional candles, will prevent decorations and Halloween costumes being set alight, and reduce the number of callouts the Service attends.

Around one in eight dwelling fires start with naked flames, such as matches, candles and cigarettes and Halloween is a high-risk festivity for the Service.

Kate Saint, Head of Prevention Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Nearly half of fatal fires we have attended in the southwest in the past year have involved accidents with naked flames, highlighting such how dangerous they really can be.

“If you knock over a pumpkin with a battery-powered tealight, or leave it on overnight, nobody gets hurt, and nothing gets damaged. They are a stress-free option and create just the same effect as a naked flame.”

To highlight the risk of naked flames near Halloween costumes, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has shared a video showing just how quickly one can catch alight and burn:

For more information about fire safety this Halloween, visit: How to stay safe during Halloween | Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (