G4S van falls victim to tidal road

Wednesday 15th May 2019 7:39 am

The G4S van fell victim to the Aveton Gifford tidal road last Friday (Credit: Mike Wynne-Powell)

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A photographer who was shooting a nature reserve was treated to an entertaining surprise when he discovered a G4S van entering the tidal road at high tide.

Mike Wynne-Powell, member of the Kingsbridge and District Camera Club, was photographing South Efford Marsh in Aveton Gifford when he noticed a G4S van approaching the tidal road.

He said he tried to stop the driver going through, but his attempts were fruitless and the driver kept on going until it was too late.

He said the driver got "quite far along" before realising he could not go back and continued onwards until his engine filled with water and died.

The incident happened at around 10am last Friday, May 10, when high tide that day was 10.17am.

The van was recovered two hours later by Field Services, a specialised recovery service from Plymouth.

The G4S van ironically displays the words, "SmartWater" along the side.


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