Stoke Fleming Charitable Ladies has held its final fundraiser, as the group gets ready to disband at the end of the year.

The village hall was bursting at the seams at the group’s Christmas Fair, with people browsing and buying crafts, cakes, cards, children’s clothes and eco pet treats.

Secretary Sue Tweed said the Dashing Devon Dukes - local children playing their ukuleles, ably led by teacher Peter Beamish - gave a wonderful performance, especially good as it was their first time playing at an event.

Dart Sailability will benefit from a donation of £350 from the event, to help them encourage people with a disability to enjoy sailing and boating on the River Dart.

Kate Graeme-Cook, Dart Sailability’s Trustee and Fundraiser, and Welfare Secretary Dolly Marsden, attended the event to provide information about their charity and chat to attendees.

Sue said: “Refreshments were served and it was good to see lots of local people chatting and catching up with news after so few events since lockdowns had allowed them to get together.”

She said unfortunately, due to lack of volunteers, Stoke Fleming Charitable Ladies have decided to disband at the end of the year.

She added: “Members of the group are very proud to have donated £3,550 to a number of charities in the four years it has existed. These charities include Rowcroft Hospice, Stoke Fleming School, Dartmouth Caring, Dartmouth Scouts, Guides, Brownies and Rainbows and CHSW. We also instigated fundraising for the Devon Air Ambulance emergency landing site in the village.

“This group was born on the closure of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section, which had been actively fundraising for the Legion in the Parish and local area for some 30 years.

“While the few remaining members are very sad to disband, they are all pleased to have been able to contribute generous amounts to very worthwhile charities along the way.”