SUPPORT from overseas has come in the form of a donation to the Kingsbridge Coronation weekend to light up the Town Square.

Texas entrepeneur Josh Tolley’s only connection with the South Devon town is that he has a company called Kingsbridge LLC but he made contact with the town council to see if he could do anything to help in the royal celebrations.

“Josh Tolley follows the town council on Facebook and Instagram,’ said Kingsbridge Town Clerk Martin Johnson. He got in touch and asked what he could do to help. What an excellent man. He has no personal link with the town but he was delighted to offer some financial support so we could light up the Town Square in red, white and blue like we did for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”

The entrepeneur donated £1,500 towards the project.

He said: “In a world of increasing chaos, the Monarchy has served as a sign of stability not only for those who are a part of it but also for those of us who simply observe its existence. Since that level of stability is needed now more than ever, we wanted to participate in the celebration of this enduring institution with the wonderful people of Kingsbridge. While we do not share in the same political system, we do share in our desire to live in a world where we have peace, love, and joy which are things that should be celebrated whenever a chance arises.”