Mayor David Wells was re-elected this week as the new Dartmouth Town Mayor, unopposed and unanimous. His Deputy Mayor is now Cllr Cathy Campos, also unopposed and unanimous, after Cllr Mandy Webber stepped down.

Mayor David Wells said: “It was a unanimous decision which is unusual and I’m very happy to take on the role for a second year. I feel there’s still a lot to do, taking it forward, and getting the communities of the town working together.”

As a hospitality management lecturer at South Devon College, Mayor Wells is keen to promote sustainable tourism in Dartmouth. He said the increase in cruise ships visiting the town is good news this summer, especially with the road closure at Halwell causing traffic problems entering Dartmouth.

He added: “The ships’ passengers are another revenue for the town and it’s great the cruise companies are using Dartmouth as a destination port.”

As Dartmouth Mayor, David said his main priority is the town’s youth.

“They are very important, the next generation. Liz Moseley has set up the youth organisation, which we really want to help build on its development.”

Another priority is affordable housing in the town.

He said: “There are a lot of second homes here and we’re always working to secure future homes so our young people can stay in the town.”

Mayor Wells coaches rugby in Dartmouth and said he’s “very passionate” about developing sports in the town. “I’m on the sports forum where we’re working hard to make the rugby pitch area behind the park and ride into more of a sports area for the rugby and athletic clubs and other interested organisations. We’re looking to lengthen the ground’s lease with South Hams Council and develop the area, including a club house, for better sports facilities in the town.”

Mayor Wells said he welcomed the results of the South Hams Council election.

He added: “At this week’s full council meeting all three district councillors stood up and spoke passionately about Dartmouth. They’re a great mix of people who understand the town well and we’re really hopeful for the future.”