Parish councillors in Modbury are expressing concerns about the zebra crossing at Church Street in the town and traffic near the town’s primary school.

Modbury Parish Council chairwoman Barbara Price said: “You have people parked up on the left-hand side, you go up Church Street which is fine, they’re supposed to be parked there, it’s quite legitimate parking but Modbury is a very busy town for traffic and you have people coming down the hill from Plymouth way.

“People are waiting to go up the hill because you can only get one car down at a time, quite often you get vehicles coming down and they just don’t see someone on the crossing.

“You do take your life in your hands when you cross the road here.”

The parish council does have a solution as Barbara explained: “One of the things we do want to look at is moving the crossing to the other side of the crossroads so that drivers have a better chance of seeing the crossing as they come down the hill.”

Cllr Price says it’s a struggle persuading Highways of the need for it: “The way it’s looked at is have there been any accidents? There haven’t but there have been a lot of near misses so it’s not a priority to be looked at by highways.

“We’re trying to look at it ourselves but it’s a very costly thing to move the crossing.

“It’s dangerous and somebody’s going to get badly hurt if we don’t do something about it,” she said.

Meanwhile at Barrack Road there is the town’s primary school and particularly at the start and finish of the school day there are a lot of children and parents crossing the road and either dropping off or collecting their children.

Cllr Price added: “You’ve got a lot of people coming down there. It’s supposed to be 30mph, we all think it should be 20mph but you’ve got people doing way more than the speed limit.

“I think someone was clocked doing up to 60mph and we’re concerned that nothing’s going to be done until someone gets run over and we don’t want that to be a child.

“We’re looking at options but it’s likely someone will have to get badly injured before something happens.”