The consultation is underway and reactions for and against are coming in to the South Hams District Council planning portal over plans to build a Premier Inn at Little Cotton Farm in Dartmouth.

Neighbour Margot Wheaton wrote: “The proposal is for a three-storey building which will dominate the skyline and will be at odds with the existing properties on the development. A two-storey building would be far more acceptable. The current drawings of the hotel look sinister and unwelcoming.”

Melanie Edson said: “The hotel proposes more rooms than parkings paces and doesn’t provide parking for staff vehicles and the public use of the bar/restaurant. This will cause vehicles parking on and around the estate creating more pollution and a danger to pedestrians especially children who play in and around the estate.”

Nigel Duckworth wrote: “The benefits stated by the applicant are illusory. They are based on general figures of 80 per cent room occupancy. Very few people visit Dartmouth out-of-season, approximately six months of the year.”

Alan Jones wrote: “Yet another blot on the landscape. An area of outstanding beauty, being vandalised. If the hotel was landscaped and surrounded by trees that hid it’s three stories,and ugly architecture then I would probably think differently, but I will be very surprised if that happens.’

Not all comments were negative. Robert Gibbs wrote: “Absolutely amazing, (it) will be excellent for the town and jobs. Looking forward to going for a meal when it’s up and running.”

Sam Lumley said: “I am wholeheartedly for this application, Dartmouth needs to thrive and feel with this hotel this will encourage more visitors to the town, also affordable to many families to finally holiday in a town that before could potentially not afford.”

Alison Pope commented: “The addition of one of your Inns at the Little Cotton development will be a huge plus for Dartmouth, their residents and visitors to the town. 30 additional jobs are very welcome.”

Chair of the Dartmouth Town Council Planning Committee Cathy Campos said: “The DTC Planning Committee was in favour of the planned Premier Inn for a number of reasons it will provide some much-needed local employment and also offer some reasonably priced hotel accommodation which will attract more visitors to the town. We also felt a bar/restaurant at the top of town would be great for residents. Our only caveat was a concern that Stagecoach services don’t run late enough to encourage hotel residents not to use their cars to go in to town where parking especially during the Summer is in very short supply also a bus stop must be sited near to the hotel.

“I believe this is a positive development for Dartmouth and as far as I am aware the Town Council welcomes the benefits a new Premier Inn will bring to the town.”

The consultation runs until February 29 and the reference number on the South Hams District Council planning portal is 0278/24/ARM