A major film and a TV series are being shot right here in the South Hams - and it means a busy time for star-spotters!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman are said to be coming to North Sands Beach in Salcombe preparing to film for ‘The Roses’ which is a new Netflix version of the 1989 black comedy ‘The War of the Roses’.

The synopsis says: "Life seems easy for picture-perfect couple Theo (Cumberbatch) and Ivy (Colman): successful careers, great kids, an enviable sex life.

"But underneath the façade of the perfect family is a tinderbox of competition and resentments that’s ignited when Theo’s professional dreams come crashing down."

An enormous lighting rig was spotted being craned into position with filming now underway.

Olivia Colman will play Ivy
Olivia Colman will play Ivy (Wiki Commons)

The film is based on Warren Adler's 1981 novel, and will be adapted by Poor Things scribe Tony McNamara.

The Winking Prawn has closed to the public for what they described as a ‘private event’ on June 3 and is set to re-open on June 19.

A message on their answerphone added that the public car park is also closed.

Meanwhile, along the coast at Burgh Island there are reports that a new Agatha Christie series for BBC 1 called Towards Zero is being filmed.

According to The Royal Television Society: “Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Mimi Keene and newcomer Ella Lily Hyland join Anjelica Huston in a summer of slaughter for new drama Towards Zero.

Adapted from Christie’s 1944 novel of the same name, Towards Zero sees a deadly love triangle form at a coastal mansion after childhood sweethearts Nevile Strange (Jackson-Cohen, Haunting of Hill House) and Audrey (Lily Hyland, Black Doves) decide they need a divorce.

Unfortunately for the two of them, Nevile is a tennis superstar, and this sends them into the 1936 version of tabloid scandal.

The two decide to spend summer together, with an unusual guest – Nevile’s new wife, Kay (Keene, Sex Education).

Also looking for a coastal retreat is the estate’s owner, Nevile’s aunt and matriarch Lady Tressilian (Huston, The Addams Family), alongside a collection of ostracised cousins, family lawyers, French conmen and orphans.