A South Hams TV presenter has described his "flight from hell" after Storm Isha forced the pilot to abort several attempts at landing.

Ollie Yates, who lives in Ivybridge, was travelling to Bristol Airport from Krakow, Poland as 69mph winds rocked the South West on Sunday night.

“People were praying, people were crying. There was panic. It was really scary, really bumpy – like a rollercoaster ride,” he said.

After attempting to land in Bristol the captain announced they would be diverted to Stansted Airport instead.

The Buzz Airlines plane landed at Stansted on its second attempt.

Buzz Airlines operates within the Ryanair Group.

“There was a lot of anxiety on board. It was very tense,” said Ollie, a journalist and presenter at BBC Spotlight. “It was the worst flight I have ever been on.”

Another passenger said: “It felt like we were about five feet from landing when the plane suddenly pulled up very fiercely and took us straight back up into the sky again. It was unquestionably the worst landing experience of my life.”

But the drama didn’t end there for the distressed passengers.

At first they were kept inside the aircraft for a further two hours because the winds were too high to attach the stairs and get everyone off safely.

Then once off the plane, passengers were told by the airline they would have to make their own travel arrangements to get home. Many had left vehicles in Bristol when catching their departure flight.

There were 17 flights cancelled at Bristol Airport on Sunday, while a further seven were diverted.

Mr Yates said it was a scramble to hire a car, and he arrived at Bristol Airport at about 5am on Monday - getting back to his home in at about 7am – more than 12 hours later than he'd scheduled.

"There will be more than a few people who are feeling 'I don't want to fly again anytime soon'," Mr Yates said.

A new storm, called Jocelyn, is expected to hit the UK today (Tuesday) with warnings for more strong winds and heavy rain, said the Met Office.