Four Dartmoor ponies have been reported missing after they disappeared from their field last night.

Ash Rescue Centre who rescued the four elderly ponies in January after finding them starving on the moor have said they are eager to find them as soon as possible.

The ponies went missing from Fletcher’s Combe, Harbertonford last night. They were last seen by someone at 8 o’clock yesterday evening who claimed everything seemed fine.

A spokesperson from the rescue centre said this morning the gate to the field was open and the latch was further into the field making it look like someone had driven into the gate.

The four ponies were missing from the field which led to the rescue centre sending out a search party around the local roads and informing the local farmers.

“All the ponies are elderly and usually stick together so we don’t imagine they could be very far away” added the spokesperson.

She said, yesterday some males had been spotted around the field acting suspiciously which was reported to the police.

“Please share so we can find them” the rescue centre have pleaded.

The ponies have now been found.