MORE than 1,300 calls were made to the police contact officers in 12 hours overnight across Devon and Cornwall.

From the seriousness of domestic violence and sudden death the police also had to deal with the bizarre situation where a man had broken into a Newton Abbot garage and was cooking some food.

The police repeated their 12-hour Tweetathon overnight on Friday and into this morning, informing the public of the staggering number of incidents that are passed their way.

People tuning into the Tweetathon have expressed how impressed they were by the volume of calls dealt with.

Over the past 12 hours our contact officers have handled over 1300 calls to 999 and 101! That’s resulted in us creating 794 incidents we’ve shared to highlight our volume and variety of demand.

Among the calls tweeted were:

  • At 5.30pm they reported: ‘999 – Further call from an officer reporting that there has been an accident in Newton Abbot where the airbags on one vehicle have been deployed. No injuries have been reported. #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 6.18pm they reported: ‘999 – Report of a robbery in a petrol station in Newton Abbot. The incident is ongoing. #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 8.10pm they reported: ‘999 - Call to a fight happening in Newton Abbot - Officers attending on immediate response #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 11.57pm they reported: ‘999 – Report of a suspicious incident in Newton Abbot where people are trying the doors of a care home. Staff members are extremely concerned as there is vulnerable people inside the building. 999 advice passed to keep doors locked and to call back if the situation escalates before police arrive. #ControlRoomLIVE.’
  • At 1.21am they reported: ‘999 – An abandoned call from a female who has cleared the line before being able to talk to the call taker. When listening to the initial call, the female is heard saying “he’s hurting me man, he’s f'ing hurting me”. Our mapping data has shown the call coming from 1 of 2 properties so officers have been sent to the street for investigation. #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 1.51am they reported: ‘101 - Reports of men running down the carriageway on A38. Officers arrived on scene - drivers spoken to and they had run out of fuel. They were running to the petrol station to get some. #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 1.54am they reported: ‘999 – Reports of a female and two men fighting in a nearby property on Dartmoor. Caller was not engaging with the call taker so only passed very basic information. #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 2.11am they reported: ‘Officer - Report of man who has broken into a garage in Newton Abbot and is cooking some food. Passed to officers for immediate attendance #ControlRoomLIVE
  • At 2.29am they reported: ‘999 – Third party report of a concern for a child who is in a house with a man who can be heard screaming and shouting. The man is smashing up the house and the partner is scared to go inside. The caller is concerned that if the female enters the address, she will be attacked. #ControlRoomLIVe
  • At 2.46am they reported: ‘999 - Fight outside pub in Okehampton - fighting has calmed but the group is still outside. Lots of people shouting. Passed for officer attendance #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 2.47am they reported: ‘999 - Caller can hear someone shouting 'put the knife down' coming from the flats opposite in Kingsbridge - officers tasked to attend #ControlRoomLIVE’
  • At 2.48 am they reported: ‘Partner Agency – Ambulance reporting a sudden death in Totnes. The death was not expected but they have clarified that there were no suspicious circumstances around the death. #ControlRoomLIVE’

Comments from members of the public included:

‘Well done everyone. Another snapshot of the incredible work conducted by Contact Officers at. This demanding role should never be underestimated, as you’re the first port of call for the public when our world is turning upside down.'