Pair of skulls belong to homeless man

By Sam Acourt in Other News

A pair of human skulls found hidden in carrier bags have turned out to belong to a homeless man.

The first skull was discovered behind the empty Budgens store in the centre of Totnes at around midday on Monday last week.

It was found as police were moving on a number of homeless people who had set up tents at the rear of the store and were using it as a camping ground.

A second was found of the banks of the River Dart later the same day.

Sgt Tim Perrin, who leads the neighbourhood police team, said: “The homeless persons were cleared from the rear of Budgets and the first skull was located among their belongings.”

He said a homeless man had satisfied police the skulls belonged to him and that no criminal investigation was taking place.

“A clear out job was taking place after a group of people had been found sleeping rough behind the old Budgens supermarket.

“That was when the workers found a skull in the carrier bag, before a person staying there said ‘what are you doing with my skull?’ He then led us down to the river bank where another skull was found.

“There is no criminal investigation taking place and as long as the coroner has no interest in them then they should be able to go back to the person who owns them.”

Sgt Perrin added: “The skulls have been examined by specialist officers and believed to be up to 100 years old, although will be more accurately dated upon further forensic analysis.

“One skull is male and the other female, the persons both over 21 years old when they died. The female skull was better preserved than the male, having traces of hair present, indicating that it was kept in a crypt-type environment.”

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