Dolphins on river

By Chris Derrick in Environment

The most unlikely visitors to the Queen of Crime’s riverside home have been… a pair of dolphins.

The two dolphins have been spotted on the Dart as far upriver as Agatha Christie’s home at Greenway.

They were sighted on Monday last week, giving families at the boathouse and quay below the Greenway home and gardens an unexpected treat.

Phillip Worrall, a boathouse volunteer at Greenway who was lucky enough to see the dolphins in the river, said: “I was standing out on the balcony of the boathouse when I suddenly saw a fin.

“A visitor who had travelled to Greenway by ferry said that the ferryman had seen a dolphin, and we all waited to see if it would appear again.

“We have binoculars at the boathouse for visitors to use, and kids were looking through them trying to see where the dolphin had gone.

“When not one but two dolphins reappeared there was so much excitement, people were screaming. We saw glimpses of the dolphins go up and down the river five times.

“We know that the view from this beautiful spot normally raises people’s heart rate, but the sight of the dolphins this far up the river caused such excitement; more than the boathouse balcony has ever before witnessed!’

Nick Warboys, another of Greenway’s boathouse volunteers, said: “This is an amazing sighting. We have resident seals off the boathouse and they have been very active this season, but I have never heard of dolphins this far up on the Dart.

“There is a regular one that comes to the entrance of the river around Dartmouth at the beginning of the year.

“The Sea Watch Found­ation recorded dolphins off Berry Head in late March, and, of course, we’ve had the humpback whale nearby.”

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