Hendrix to join Frank Zappa on stage

By Toby Leigh in Arts

The man who shot Frank Zappa is back – and he’s bringing the man who shot Jimi Hendrix along with him.

Last year, rock and roll photographer Robert Davidson staged an illustrated talk in Totnes about about his work – including the iconic photo of Frank Zappa on a toilet which he snapped in 1967, lost for 50 years and finally regained.

And with him at the show on Friday will be fashion photographer and filmmaker Mike Berkofski who recently moved to Totnes.

Mr Berkofski will be showing his own iconic picture of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix which he snapped in 1967 – also lost for more and three decades and finally found in a garage in Santa Monica covered in slime and fungus.

The illustrated talk will be going ahead at the Royal Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes on Friday from 7.30pm.

More than 100 people turned out for a similar talk in Totnes in November last year. Mr Davidson, now aged 73 and living in Totnes, said: ‘The first one went down incredibly well. It was full of people who said could I do it again so to do a follow up is great.’

He said that this time Mr Berkofski would be taking part in the show with the photographs he too took during the 1960s rock and roll years.

The photo of Frank Zappa became a worldwide phenomenon appearing on posters, T-shirts, mugs and other paraphernalia.

Mr Davidson never made a penny out of it after he was forced to give up his negatives and only got them back a year ago after he bought them back on eBay for £66.

Mr Berkofski lost his photos following problems with the magazine which had commissioned him to take the pictures of a then new to the rock scene Jimi Hendrix and only got them back six years ago.

Mr Davidson said the talk should ‘be fun packed event’.

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