WiFi health warning

By Steve Peacock in Local People

A women who fears her life is being devastated by WiFi and mobile telephone signals is launching her own campaign in Totnes to try

to warn the public of the ­dangers.

Rosi Gladwell has been forced to banish WiFi and mobile telephones from her Littlehempston home since she realised four years ago she was suffering from a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, leaving her with migraines and breathing and heart problems.

The 67-year-old cannot stay in hotels or eat at restaurants because WiFi has now become so widespread and the impact of the radiation leaves her so ill.

In a recent touring holiday in Europe she had to sleep in the car and on people’s verandas to escape the ­radiation, she explained.

Now Ms Gladwell is ­trying to link up with other concerned groups in the Totnes area to try to get a warning message out to ­people.

She is planning to hand out warning leaflets to ­people in the town’s civic square ­during the busy Friday and Saturday market days.

‘I want people to know that they have to protect themselves,’ said Ms Gladwell, who fears that the dangers of electromagnetic radiation are being hidden and ignored, similar to asbestos and cigarettes in

the past.

‘I had no idea I was ­sensitive to electromagnetic radiation until four years ago, when I spoke to ­someone who was suffering and my symptoms were the same,’ she explained. ‘It appears that up to three or four per cent of world’s ­population is sensitive. It’s unsafe, and people should take the ­minimal precautions of ­having no WiFi in the ­bedroom and to switch everything off at night because the body regenerates itself at night.’

Ms Gladwell said the affect of the radiation leaves her with increased heart rhythms, migraines, an inability to breath properly and in severe cases pins and needles in her face.

She pointed out that, while she does have a computer at home, it is connected via a landline and she only uses a corded landline telephone.

‘The impact is cumulative. If I spend a lot of time in the house, which is totally WiFi-free, and then go out and come into contact with it, I can be all right for around an hour,’ she said. ‘But it’s ­getting worse and worse because the signals are ­getting stronger.’

She said she has a specially made sleeping bag that she can use at hotels and has invested in a meter that can tell her where the safest

seat is in places such as restaurants.

She is concerned that she may not be able to visit her 98-year-old father in Kent because she became so ill during her most recent trip there.

She said during her ­journey through Europe she was only able to stay in some larger hotels where she could have a room furthest away from the WiFi routers, or places such as a town in Poland where there was no WiFi at all.

She is hoping to find ­similarly concerned groups or individuals in Totnes who could help her get her ­message across.

‘This is such a serious issue and I really don’t know how to go about bringing it to the public’s notice and to help people,’ she said.

Anyone who can help can contact Ms Gladwell at rosigladwell@hotmail.co.uk.

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DLB · 262 days ago · Report

I became electro-sensitive a year ago. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy....

Death Announce · 269 days ago · Report

This lady is so true and also very brave to be launching her own campaign.... Good conviction https://www.death-notices.co.uk/newspapers/Totnes-Times-publish-a-death-notice

DOUBTING THOMAS · 274 days ago · Report

The worst part is - anyone can get this, since it is being spread by word of mouth!

Diana Hilary Boughton · 274 days ago · Report

I also suffer from electrosensitivity. Please take a look at my website: http://burntbyaphonemast.weebly.com/

TheEvidence · 275 days ago · Report

Rosie Gladwell - keep going - no matter what. Ween need many brave people to get a space for living and basic human rights for the sufferers. http://www.slideshare.net/YaelStein1/ehs-human-rights There is plenty of research http://www.bioinitiative.org/rf-color-charts/ and a growing number of global advocates https://wearetheevidence.org/ https://www.emfanalysis.com/health-effects/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0NEaPTu9oI

Angel · 275 days ago · Report

This is the biggest pandemy in this century.

Dave · 275 days ago · Report

As Julian says, there are a growing number of people around the world reporting adverse effects due to exposure to electrosmog. We Are The Evidence is a new initiative set-up to support these people, and its website carries some of their stories. http://wearetheevidence.org/

Julian · 275 days ago · Report

Yes. this is becoming an increasing problem, though many don't understand that wireless radiation is the cause of their symptoms. Sleeplessness, irritability, up-regulation of the nervous system, leading to manic behaviour. Heart arrythmia, digestive problems rashes. The varying symptoms of sensitivity are so large, that it's easy to think they must come from something else. Smart meters now being installed in homes will only make the problem worse, as exposure is cumulative.

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